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Securing your business

Today, danger can be found everywhere in cyber space. This means that businesses are exposed to cyber attacks, malicious software, ransomware and many more threats.

To protect you business you need a 24/7 virtual security officer that will protect your organisation.

James Bot comes with the RealFort cybersecurity bot squad, which includes bots that protect different systems, infrastructures, databases, storage services and more.


Web Security

Real Time network protection

RealFort Cyber Bot Squad

Real Time database protection

Real Security



  • Workforce planning - current & future
  • Real-time notifications & workforce monitoring
  • Unexpected absence control - coordination & workflow
  • Cost control & budget management
  • 100% autonomous - powered by intelligent bots
  • And more...


Overall improved security

JAMES BOT Features

One Central Board

Provides a clear and real-time workforce overview

Automating Processes & Data

Reduces the amount of human errors and improves the efficiency of resource utilization using the power of intelligent Bots


Full availability at any time, anywhere. Save on equipment and high flexibility with computing resources as needed

Self-service Portal

Direct and independent access to information, regular updates and communication between managers and employees


Our SaaS provides high-levels of cybersecurity ensuring your company’s and clients’ data is fully protected

Prepares organization for HR evolution

  • Approved by Federal Labor Laws
  • Based on AI
  • Proactive system

RealFort Cyber
Bot Squad

RPA - Robotic Process

Real Security

Real Time ltd. is an established B2B company based in Israel. With over 10,000 existing customers, ranging from SMBs to large enterprises, Real Time ltd. provides a variety of smart technology solutions that enable businesses to improve their overall company management. These solutions include HR, cybersecurity and automation.

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